100% love it
A taste of Italy
Panzano specializes in Northern Italian cuisine and provides a comfortable yet upscale atmosphere. This restaurant maintains its elegance despite how busy it is.


    • pealsan
      pealsan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      OMG!! So Nice and for reasonanble price!
      Can't go wrong with this one, excellent food (freshly made) and service!

    • jlburns222
      jlburns222 Over a year ago

      Best happy hour in Denver! 2:30-6p, every day of the week!!!

    • delrsf
      delrsf Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best bet for corporate traveler
      So there I am bored and starving on a work trip and I decide to take my copy of Bon Appetit down to the Hotel Monaco's restaurant, hoping to put that expense account to use on a decent meal. Wow, what a treat. I opted for the counter seat by the open kitchen so I could watch the chefs hard at work. If you think you might be tempted to become a chef, spend some time watching the grueling grind of attempting to achieve perfection on every plate while your colleagues bark back and forth as they try and handle the pressure. The tension is palpable. Why do they do this, you ask? Ahh, the food arrives and your question is answered. Every bite makes you look up, expecting to see an Italian grandma in that chef's apron because the tastes are so similar but knowing that there's a very modern touch in the presentation and emphasis on seasonal ingredients. The house-made pasta is heavenly, the yellow sheets of tagliaterri blanketed in a rich tomato cream meat sauce that the chef proudly told me was also made in-house using four different types of meat. The food left quite an impression, so much so that I decided to skip the other places I read about and try the things on the menu that I wanted to order. Everything was just as good and I was treated to several tastes of other offerings by the chefs who were so happy to see my return. And I left my magazine back in the room...this show was just too good to pass up.