The Denver Triangle

80% love it
An elevated experience
In heart of downtown Denver, constructed in the historic Triangle Lounge building, the Denver Triangle features craft cocktails, fresh farm-to-bar food, and lively entertainment in a modern space.
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    • crhincolo
      crhincolo Over a year ago
      Hates it

      When I visited, it was at opening on a weekend day prior to the St. Patricks Day parade. Started at the adjoining Starbucks (because the bar wasn't open yet). D├ęcor and staff were awesome. Once the bar opened, I went next door to Triangle - had lunch, and the same staff waited on me there. AWESOME experience! This past Sunday, 5/5/19, I took my roommate to see the "new" Triangle, because he had been to the "old" Triangle years ago. Starbucks was closed, so we went straight to the bar (4:00). There were approximately 25 people milling around, and several people at the bar. Two TOTALLY either clueless or RUDE bartenders working... no sense of urgency, obviously never been coached on greeting customers if they are not able to wait on them right away, and personal appearance that pretty much looked like they needed to stay in bed that morning. We were there waiting, not behind any customers but standing at the bar, for 20 minutes. When one of the 2 finally came to our side of the bar, they were only getting to the two older gentleman that had been patiently waiting beside us. After taking a good 3-5 minutes to make a SINGLE drink, because he was more interested in chatting with one of his other customers, I looked at my roommate who was pretty much as appalled as I was, and we left. Both of us work in the service business (me a manager, and him a regional manager over 23 stores), I hope you get your shit together there because you have a beautiful bar and Starbucks to be proud of, but the two jewels you had there Sunday, brought it totally down to a whole new trashy level.