Table 6

100% love it
Classic American bistro with a laid-back atmosphere
Table 6 is a classic American bistro, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere and dishes that are delivered with an elegant style and grace. Extensive wine list that represent most of the flourishing wine districts from all over the world.


      BIGGESTJOHN Over a year ago
      Loves it

      An off the map favorite
      I say off the map because it's at 6th and Corona. This is absolutely one of the best restaurants in Denver. If you are coming to Denver, plan a dinner here. It would not be an uncommon experience to have someone send a very expensive bottle of wine your way while you are waiting for your table. Great crowd, mixed because it's in a neighborhood location, but still savvy. The food is impeccable and it will promise to be one of the best meals you have had in a long time. This is small, so plan ahead. Great and knowledgeable staff. Always attentive. It's hip, but the focus is definitely on the food. I absolutely guarantee you will enjoy your experience. HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended.