Hey Howdy Denver Queers and Queer-adjacent!

There is a serious lack of Femme focused events in Denver (shout out to Blush & Blu for holding it down!). That said, I am trying out a new event over at our Los Taco Thursdays. When we aren't doing Drag Against Humanity, we will now host FemmeTastic!

Now as a cis gay dude, I clearly am the authority of the subject #obviouslynot . Femmes, I NEED YOUR HELP! Tell me what you want out of a happy hour/event. I will facilitate and do what I can to make it happen.

Come be part of the colaberation to make an awesome Femme friendly event.

***All are welcome, no matter how you identify***
  • The Weekend Kickoff
    600 E Colfax Ave, Denver
  • Thursday Oct 12
  • Event on Facebook


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