Scape Treader Dwelling (Closed Permanently)

67% love it
GayCities Members report that Scape Treader Dwelling has closed
Not your average hang-out spot
Scape Treader is full of amazing yerba mate natural energy drinks and all plant-based raw, gourmet menu. They have live house music, after-hours soirees, outdoor/indoor parkour classes and slack lining classes.
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    • Urumii
      Urumii Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This company has no respect for the Parkour community. They have publicly belittled one of the top Parkour gyms in the world by calling them a "Mcdonalds playground", a "ridiculous parkour/freerunning gym", and a "glorified daycare". Calling such a respected gym those names is an unacceptable offense and I, along with many other community leaders will never condone such behavior. If you are in the Denver area, please consider taking your business elsewhere.

    • Treader
      Treader Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best queer-friendly coffee/tea house in Denver
      I've never been to a more innovative cafe experience in my life. This 4000 square foot place has a small-box parkour gym, ultra stylish cafe, an amazing organic, farm to table coffee and barista bar. Scape Treader Dwelling focuses on their own brand of Yerba Mate and an all organic and natural cafe food menu that will knock your socks off. Everything is inspired by Argentine cuisine as well. The place is open till 4am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with all vinyl spinning DJS serving up some serious house music. The best part is that the clientele are some of the most beautiful, fashionable people in town without being pretentious. Very down to earth. Great place to eat, drink fine wine and craft beer, dance to the sickest DJS all night long. The place is my favorite in town. 3331 Larimer St. In the RiNo neighborhood.