Official Unofficial Gay Day at Water World post-pride


Who's into water sports? Jk. Like you needed another Denver Pride event to attend, right? But trust me, you'll need a day to recover after all the festivities and this is the perfect way relax with your boys without wasting the day on Monday after pride. So call in sick, get half naked, and set a record for most consecutive lazy river loops.

We can organize carpoool logitics later, but for now, let's plan to meet at the park entrance at 10AM, then we can setup a home base and I'll drop a pin for the straglers since we probably won't have our phones. If memory serves me, you can bring a cooler but not alcohol, so obviously, get creative. :)

Invite whoever you'd like, tickets are $35 if you buy them online using a promo code "SAVE$5NOW". Get excited yall!


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